Magnesium & Taurine

Magnesium & Taurine

  • Promotes recovery after exercise
  • Prevents 'creatine cramps'
  • Helps create new proteins from amino acids
  • Has anti-inflammatory benefits
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Contributes to the relaxation of the muscles


180 capsules of 100 mg of magnesium (33% of the recommended daily allowance) and 500 mg of taurine.

The 100 mg of magnesium is obtained from 250 mg of magnesium citrate and 100 mg of magnesium oxide. Why we chose these two types of magnesium is explained in the main text.


Recommended daily use:

Mild: 1 capsule.
Powerful: 2 capsules.
Extra powerful: 3 capsules.

The capsules can be taken all at once or during the course of the day.

Do not exceed the recommended dosage. Dietary supplements are not a substitute for a varied diet.


- Taurine
- Magnesium citrate
- Bovine gelatine (capsule)
- Magnesium oxide
- Rice starch
- Magnesium stearate

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Relaxation of the muscles

The supplement Magnesium and Taurine contributes to the relaxation of the muscles, the smoother functioning of the muscles, and the recovery after an intense (training) exercise.

  • Magnesium plays an essential role in many enzymatic reactions in the human body. The most notable effect is magnesium's contribution to good muscle tension. In that role it often seems indispensable when using creatine. It reduces the risk of the so-called 'creatine cramps'.
  • With magnesium your muscles will be more flexible, which is beneficial for your work-out.
  • Taurine promotes recovery after heavy exertion.
  • Magnesium reduces the chance of sore muscles after heavy exertion.

Type of magnesium

Magnesium is often used in food supplements. There are supplements with very different magnesium compounds for sale. Of some of these compounds it is said that they are absorbed best by the body. Of magnesium citrate and magnesium lactate it is claimed that they are absorbed for about 90%. Magnesium oxide on the other hand would only be absorbed for 25%. 

What almost no-one knows is that the absorption of magnesium in scientific studies is measured over a relatively short time span. After about 4 hours the tests are usually already finished. In a recent study, the absorption of various magnesium compounds was measured over a period of two days after intake. This study showed that the magnesium oxide is just as well absorbed as the 'better absorbable' forms. It just takes a lot longer.

Magnesium oxide can be seen as a 'slow-release' form of magnesium. But magnesium oxide also contains 4 to 6 times more magnesium per gram than most other magnesium compounds. In addition, magnesium oxide is alkaline and leads less quickly to stomach and intestinal problems than, for example, the acid magnesium citrate. 

In our supplement both forms are used, to provide the right amount of magnesium, to have both a fast and slow absorption of  magnesium and at the same time have a supplement that is mild enough for stomach and intestants.

Contraindications and warnings

Do not use a magnesium supplement if you suffer from a reduced kidney function.

Quality tested annually by independent laboratory.
View the laboratory analysis (.pdf)

Really good quality

Klement, November 30, 2023
Really good quality, with accurate dosages !