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Pure. Tested. Proven.

Pure. Tested. Proven. That is the motto of Power Supplements. It briefly outlines the way we work. Each new nutritional supplement that we develop must comply with these three values.

Ofcourse such a motto requires some nuance. There is in fact no single supplement which is not open to discussion on either the efficacy or the effects on our health.

Below we will give you an explanation of what to expect from our supplements.


Power Supplements carefully chooses the origin of the ingredients in its nutritional supplements. This almost always results in the choice of producers from Western Europe, the United States and Japan. These producers take quality controls during their manufacturing processes seriously.

Choosing ingredients of the highest quality and from renowned producers, right at the beginning of the product development process, is the best way to ensure a pure end product. Is this exceptional? Yes, unfortunately it is. Particularly with nutritional supplements for athletes.

Many suppliers of nutritional supplements choose cheap ingredients. Opting for cheap ingredients can be obscured by references to "GMP", "ISO certification" and the "European origin" of a supplement. These statements often say nothing (!) about the quality of the ingredients. Most of the time the certifications and origins refer to the European packager of the end product, not the producer of the ingredients.

At Power Supplements we do not choose cheap ingredients. We choose the best producers, with the best ingredients. And only then do we look at the price (which often is a lot higher).

After importing the ingredients for our supplements random extra quality checks are carried out by the importer. And after production of the end product there are random extra quality checks on behalf of Power Supplements. These are carried out by NutriControl, an independent laboratory for food safety.


Not everyone tolerates all foods. The same goes for nutritional supplements. 100% safe food and nutritional supplements are therefore excluded by definition. Power Supplements however, seeks optimum safety by following these guidelines:

  • No sales of nutritional supplements that have not been tested for their effects and side effects in humans.
  • Reporting on our product pages if there have been doubts by scientists about the long term effects of a supplement.
  • Yearly tests of all our own brand products for heavy metals and biological contiminants, carried out by the independent laboratory NutriControl in The Netherlands.
  • Continuous testing of selected supplements for the presence of anabolic-androgenic steroids and for stimulants, carried out by the independent anti-doping laboratory in Cologne, Germany.
  • Strong restraint in the sale of new (untested) variants of known supplements.
A short example to this last point: There are now several dozen variations of the popular supplement creatine, like Creatine Ethyl Esther (CEE) and Kre-Alakalyn Creatine. These variations are often designed to generate additional sales at a higher profit margin, with unproven claims of being more effective.

With the sale of the well-known and effective creatine monohydrate it is indeed difficult to stand out. The main disadvantages however of the new compounds of well-known supplements are that their marketed extra effects have often not been researched, and neither have their long-term effects on our health.


Power Supplements does not want to raise false expectations. We are wary to present nutritional supplements to be better than they are in reality. Keep in mind also that the effect of supplements per person will vary. Power Supplements does not make claims involving an X percentage of muscle growth, X increase in strength or X loss of fat. In the rare cases that we do, we explain this in the context of how the supplement works. If that value is an exception we will mention it. But we will rather opt for reporting an average value. Power Supplements chooses nuance.


We are people and we see our clients as people. If you notice a text on our website that is not consistent with our principles, please let us know.

Kris Kuiper,
Exercise Physiologist/
Movement Scientist