BCAA 450g

BCAA 450g

  • L-Leucine: L-Isoleucine : L-Valine = 2:1:1
  • Fermented
  • Vegetarian & vegan
  • Instantised with sunflower lecithin
  • GMO free
Quality tested annually by independent laboratory.
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Rapidly available in muscle cells


The included measuring spoon (5 ml) corresponds to 2.5 grams. Use Instant BCAA amino acids just before, during and/or just after weight lifting / fitness training or consume with a meal. Use a total of 1 to 4 scoops as needed, mixed with water, juice, sports drink or shake. Do not exceed the maximum dosage of 4 scoops (10 grams) per day.


The most commonly used dosage is 5 grams of BCAAs. A higher dose is not necessarily better for everyone. See how you feel first. Higher doses of BCAAs are best used in combination with carbohydrates. This ensures an easier absorption of BCAAs into the muscle tissue. Dietary supplements should not be used as a substitute for a varied diet. Contraindications Do not use Instant BCAA during (expectant) pregnancy or while breastfeeding.


450g instant soluble BCAA powder.


- L-leucine
- L-isoleucine
- L-valine
- emulsifier: sunflower lecithin

Fruit Punch
- L-leucine
- L-isoleucine
- L-valine
- acidity regulator: citric acid
- aroma
- sweetener: steviol glycosides
- emulsifier: sunflower lecithin

- None

During weight lifting and fitness training, the body consumes BCAA amino acids at the expense of muscle tissue. Instant BCAA provides a rapid replenishment of these valuable amino acids.

Power Supplements’ instant BCAA powder safely contributes to:

- Building muscle mass
- Slowing down muscle breakdown
- Faster muscle recovery after training
- Promotion of fat breakdown
- Increase in alertness during training

What would I use BCAA amino acids for?

1) During weight lifting and fitness training, the body consumes the 'branched chain' amino acids at the expense of muscle tissue. Instant BCAA provides a rapid replenishment of these three valuable amino acids. This immediately triggers muscle recovery.

2) Of the three BCAAs, the amino acid L-leucine is still the most interesting. L-leucine can stimulate various muscle-building processes in the body. Taking 4-5 grams of BCAAs (50% L-leucine) one hour after a protein-packed meal enhances the muscle-building effect of the meal.

3) Many athletes experience an accelerated breakdown of fat reserves when they do cardio training in the morning on an empty stomach. However, the danger of cardio training on an empty stomach is loss of muscle mass. BCAAs can inhibit muscle loss; the amino acids have a so-called anti-catabolic effect.
Intake of only L-leucine when no proteins have been eaten for some time (longer than 4 to 8 hours) is not recommended because the levels of the other two BCAAs are reduced too much.
For maximum effect on fat reduction, the BCAA combination seems superior to single L-leucine use. For this, see below:

4) Athletes who do not do cardio/aerobic training also find that they lose fat mass when they take large amounts of BCAAs as a supplement. Fat loss is most noticeable at the abdomen. Epidemiological research supports this fact by showing that people with a high dietary BCAA intake are leaner than those with a lower BCAA intake. Here, both leucine and isoleucine play an important role.
Intervention studies in animals also show that BCAAs have a slimming effect. The slimming effect of the BCAA amino acid isoleucine has been found in studies several times. Isoleucine has a positive effect on carbohydrate absorption in muscle tissue. Carbohydrates absorbed by muscle tissue will no longer be stored as subcutaneous fat. In addition, isoleucine promotes fat burning by stimulating the fat sensor PPAR-alpha in muscle cells and inhibiting it in fat cells.

5) Another interesting effect of the BCAA amino acid L-leucine is that it stimulates collagen building. Tendons and connective tissue become stronger as a result.

6) Finally, BCAAs can reduce mental fatigue during your workout. This is because a deficiency of BCAAs in your body will lead to an additional production of serotonin. This will make you feel sleepy and reduce the effectiveness of your workout. Taking extra BCAAs during your workout can help keep your energy levels high.


Power Supplements always opts for the highest quality ingredients. During the pandemic, the supply of many ingredients was unfortunately made difficult. Many ingredients have become much more expensive. Some products have been out of stock for an extended period of time.

For the supply of essential amino acids, we have chosen Japanese manufacturers. They are the frontrunners in amino acid production by fermentation. During the pandemic, these manufacturers focused entirely on supplying the pharmaceutical industry. Globally, the production of essential amino acids declined whilst the needs of the medical industry increased.

However, even though the pandemic is over, the distribution of Japanese essential amino acids to Europe has not restarted. We regret that!

Power Supplements has spent a very long time trying to find a high-quality replacement. We ended up with the largest distributor of amino acids in Europe. Its production takes place in China. This is where more than 90% of the global volume of amino acids comes from. The distributor has excellent quality control through on-site audits and supply checks.

The 9 essential amino acids in our product are made through a fermentation process of plant-based raw materials. The supplement is therefore suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

The flavour Natural contains no additives. The flavour Fruit Punch is sweetened with stevia and free of synthetic sweeteners.

Quality tested annually by independent laboratory.
View the laboratory analysis (.pdf)

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