Blenderbottle ProStak

Blenderbottle ProStak

Blenderbottle ProStak

  • Very sturdy
  • Absolutely leakproof
  • With Blender Ball
  • Free of toxic plasticizers
Two extra compartments for powder and pills
Blenderbottle ProStak

The Blenderbottle Prostak differs from the Blenderbottle Classic by having two additional compartments that can be screwed on the bottom of the shaker (comes standard). It can be used for powder and pills, so it's easy to prepare a shake at work, school or the gym, or to bring along capsules and tablets.

The Blenderbottle is a long lasting and sturdy shaker. Thanks to the robust materials the cover and lid close very well, so the shaker is absolutely leakproof and can be put in a sports bag for instance.

Each Blenderbottle comes with a Blenderball made of surgical steel. Put this ball in the shaker before you shake and you'll get a very well mixed shake, guaranteed without any lumps. Both the shaker and the ball are dishwasher safe.

The Blenderbottle does not contain any toxic plasticizers (BPA-free). The shaker has a capacity of 400 ml and it has a measure indication.