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Thanks for making me discover such a great product

July 18, 2021 15:57
A rarety because it's been so good a discovery:
- DH25 extensively hydrolyzed;
- the new version with the average nutritional values seemingly of an extensively hydrolyzed whey protein isolate rather than those of an extensively hydrolyzed whey protein concentrate like the "older" version (which had already a great fruit taste that I tried samples of),
As for the Vanilla flavor I used:
- sight: it's a very light and fine powdered protein, not bulky, proof being if you pour it from the scoop too fast it makes a little cloud of powder;
- smell: it is very subtle and delicate, such that very well matches the experience of the the product as a whole, in my humble opinion;
- solubility: excellent with a bit of learning, almost cristal clear;
- taste: I tried it with various amounts of liquid, water mainly, but regardless: it has never been disappointing. Extremely delicate, not bitter at all (especially given the degree of hydrolysis) or if barely not to my taste, it would be enough to add just enough more water to my liking or some artificial calorie free sweetener (eventually my sweet tooth-taste); and it does taste like Vanilla: ultimately, the more you use it the more you experience making it your own, that is possible because it has a good foundation that lets you build on it and it does feel like using it again, unlike products which are difficult if any, to want to keep on using to begin with. A good taste
- digestibility: very light to digest I would add
Overall I have ordered it again to add further experience.
Thanks to Powersupplements for making me discover such product, a great product I would dare say so far and I reserve to keep on proving and testing it, as well as thank you overall for the customer assistance they have been given me.
Best wishes.
Whey Protein Hydrolysate DH25 1000g

Whey Protein Hydrolysate..

New and improved!
DH25 hydrolysis!
High levels of di- and tripeptides
Easily digestible
Boosts muscles faster after exercise