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  • Most potent supplement in the world in its category

  • High dosages of glucosamine, chondroitin, MSM, ASU and hyaluronic acid

  • Branded ingredients only

  • Pharmaceutical grade

  • Independently tested by NutriControl laboratory

Quality tested annually by independent laboratory.
View the laboratory analysis (.pdf)
All in one solution


180 capsules of 919 mg Arthro-5 each.


The recommended dose is 6 capsules a day. This dosage ensures that you receive the same quantities of the 5 ingredients as in the successful scientific studies.

The capsules can be taken at the same time or at intervals throughout the day, as you wish. It is preferable, however, to take the capsules at meal time(s) or with plenty of water.


- Glucosamine sulphate (GlucosaGreen) - 1500 mg per daily dose (250 mg per capsule)
- MSM (OptiMSM) - 1500 mg per daily dose (250 mg per capsule)
- Chondroitin sulphate (TSI) - 1200 mg per daily dose (200 mg per capsule)
- ASU (AvoVida) - 300 mg per daily dose (50 mg per capsule)
- Bovine gelatin (capsule)
- Potassium chloride (510 mg per daily dose; used to stabilise glucosamine)
- Rice starch (filler)
- Hyaluronic acid (HAPLEX Plus) - 80 mg per daily dose (13,3 mg per capsule)
- Colourings E122 and E151 (capsule)
- Silicium dioxide

The glucosamine is extracted from glucose from corn (not genetically modified). Chondroitin is a cartilage extract that comes from beef. ASU is extracted from soy and avocado (not genetically modified). MSM is a natural sulphur compound. Hyaluronic acid is a cartilage extract from poultry.




Arthro-5 is the most powerful joint protection nutritional supplement in the world! It contains five ingredients scientifically proven to protect joint cartilage. Each of these ingredients is included in the correct dosage for physiological effectiveness.

The advantages of Arthro-5 include:

  • 5 proven ingredients: Glucosamine sulphate (Glucosagreen), Chondroitin sulphate (TSI), ASU (AvoVida), MSM (OptiMSM) and Hyaluronic acid (HAPLEX Plus).
  • High, correct doses of each ingredient. Tested, scientifically substantiated dosages are the starting point. Per daily dose of 6 capsules: 1500 mg glucosamine sulphate, 1200 mg chondroitin sulphate, 300 mg ASU, 1500 mg MSM and 80 mg hyaluronic acid.
  • High quality branded ingredients.
  • Production meets strict GMP and HACCP requirements.
  • Quality tested by an independent laboratory.
  • The price you pay for this supplement with high-quality ingredients is very competitive. In the case of a normal price structure a product with comparable production costs would be priced for at least ฃ 75 (!) on the store shelves. (This is also one of the reasons why a supplement of comparable power is not available anywhere else).
  • Volume discounts starting at 3 units.
  • Label with information in your own language.
  • Delivery in capsule form. The advantage of capsules over tablets: Faster absorption by the body and therefore easier on the stomach. The capsule can also be opened and the powder then dissolved in water, fruit juice or a dairy product.

Arthro-5 is a unique supplement from It is not available elsewhere. The product contains 5 carefully selected, powerful ingredients, each of which contributes in its own way to the health of your joints through various aspects of your metabolism. Because these ingredients complement each other well, Arthro-5 ensures optimum joint protection. Your chance of success with Arthro-5 is accordingly high.

The five ingredients in Arthro-5:

1. Glucosamine sulphate (Glucosagreen) - 1500 mg per daily dose

Most utilised joint protection substance in the world - and for good reason. Glucosamine helps in building and maintaining cartilage, joint casings, tendons and other connective tissues. It also contributes to the maintenance of joint fluid, thus supporting joint lubrication.

2. Chondroitin sulphate (TSI) - 1200 mg per daily dose

Valuable ingredient that reinforces glucosamine. Even more important is the fact that chondroitin protects the cartilage by keeping a few key enzymes in balance. Glucosamine and chondroitin thereby complement each other excellently. Scientific research now shows that taking both supplements at the same time significantly enhances results.

3. ASU (AvoVida) - 300 mg per daily dose

Specially processed extract of avocado and soy oil. Despite extremely persuasive scientific evidence, ASU is still a relatively unknown supplement in most European countries after glucosamine and chondroitin. Among other benefits, it can promote the creation of collagen, which contributes to cartilage strength.

4. MSM (OptiMSM) - 1500 mg per daily dose

Popular with the public for years, but repudiated for many years by the scientific community. In the meantime scientific support for the use of MSM has grown: it has a beneficial influence on joints. Adding it to glucosamine leads to faster and better results.

5. Hyaluronic acid (HAPLEXฎ Plus) - 80 mg per daily dose

A relatively new nutritional supplement. Hyaluronic acid is the most important component of the lubricating fluid in the joints. It also enables our joints to absorb shocks. For this reason, doctors have been giving injections with hyaluronic acid directly into the joints for almost 20 years. It has now also been established that it has a beneficial physiological influence as a nutritional supplement as well. It is important to note that only hyaluronic acid with a high molecular weight is useful. A lot of (cheap) hydrolised hyaluronic acid is available. Its molecular weight is much lower, with the result that its effect is counterproductive.


The impact of Arthro-5 is generally noticed within a month. Shorter periods, such as a week, and longer periods of up to six months are also possible. This differs for each individual. In general the effect of Arthro-5 can be determined after 3 months (normally a period of one year applies in the case of the back and the neck).

These joint relief supplements offer protection that continues to last for some time after one stops taking them. Over time, however, the protection dwindles. This is the reason that most people use joint relief supplements uninterruptedly.

If cost is a problem, Arthro-5 can be alternated with, for instance, a separate glucosamine supplement. In order to give Arthro-5 a good chance of working, it is recommended that it be used for at least three consecutive months.


The safety of supplements is paramount for Despite its powerful physiological effect, Arthro-5 is formulated for safety. The various ingredients of Arthro-5 are researched exhaustively for undesired side effects. The chance that you may experience such side effects is low.

If you choose Arthro-5, you are choosing quality. We guarantee this quality as follows:

  • For Arthro-5 we use branded ingredients only, sourced from eminent producers of nutritional supplements.
  • Processing of the raw materials takes place in Western Europe and fulfils strict GMP and HACCP requirements. This means that the manufacturer follows procedures that guarantee food safety and hygiene.
  • Our cooperation with renowned companies results in safe and high-quality product development.
  • Purity. All our supplements are checked for contaminants by an independent laboratory.
  • Correct, high dosages, based on scientific studies. You can read more on this topic below.
  • Delivery in capsule form. The advantage of capsules over tablets: Faster absorption by the body and therefore easier on the stomach.

Correct dosage

The ingredients in Arthro-5 are all tested in scientific research. Use of a nutritional supplement only makes sense if the dose that is used is the same as that used in scientific research. In practice lower doses are used frequently for reasons of cost. Please see below for an overview for each ingredient:

Glucosamine sulphate

  • Dosage successful in studies: 1500mg
  • Dosage Arthro-5: 1500 mg
  • Other brands: 1150 / 1500 / 2000mg (higher doses carry a greater risk of side effects).

Chondroitin sulphate

  • Dosage successful in studies: 800 - 1200mg
  • Dosage Arthro-5: 1200 mg
  • Other brands: 50 / 250 / 600 / 800 / 1200 mg


  • Dosage successful in studies: 300mg
  • Dosage Arthro-5: 300 mg
  • Other brands: not yet available in Europe.


  • Dosage successful in studies: 1500mg - 6000mg
  • Dosage Arthro-5: 1500 mg
  • Other brands: 500 / 1000 mg

Hyaluronic acid

  • Dosage successful in studies: 80 mg
  • Dosage Arthro-5: 80 mg
  • Other brands: In many cases contain hydrolised hyaluronic acid, which can have adverse effects.


Drug interactions


The ingredient glucosamine in Arthro-5 can enhance the effect of the anticoagulants warfarine and coumarin. If you are taking these medicines we recommend you first discuss the use of Arthro-5 with your doctor.


The ingredient glucosamine in Arthro-5 can affect the effectiveness of some antibiotics; it can strengthen the effect of tetracycline and lessen the effect of penicillin and chloramphenicol. We recommend not using Arthro-5 and antibiotics at the same time.



The name glucosamine sounds a lot like glucose. The path it takes in the body, however, is very different. The quantity of glucosamine in 6 capsules of Arthro-5 is many times less than the quantity of glucose that a person takes in through eating every day.

Specific research into the effect of glucosamine on blood sugar levels has shown, however, that when high doses of glucosamine are administered by infusion, insulin does not work as well. The body's sensitivity to insulin decreases. In the case of healthy people who take a normal dose of glucosamine as a nutritional supplement (1500 mg per day), scientists have demonstrated several times that the effect of insulin is not disrupted.

There are indications, however, that people with type 2 (late onset) diabetes may be especially sensitive to glucosamine. We therefore advise diabetics to check their blood sugar levels regularly once they start to take Arthro-5 (with glucosamine). Another option is to choose another supplement for joint protection. Neither chondroitin nor ASU Forte has an impact on insulin sensitivity.

Increased Eye Pressure (glaucoma)

In July 2013 The results were published of a small study carried out on the effect glucosamine (ingredient in Arthro-5) has on patients suffering from glaucoma (high eye pressure). The trial subjects were 6 men and 11 women aged average 76 (62 to 90 years of age). The study showed that glucosamine can cause an increase in the eye pressure in most of the subjects. To cease assuming glucosamine makes the eye pressure go down. The average difference in the eye pressure measured was 3 mm Hg.

Considering that it was a small exploratory study, it means that the study did not comply to a number of important guidelines for scientific research. Researchers suggest also that this study needs to be validated by a bigger, well thought-out research. However, we consider the effect of glucosamine on the eye pressure real and advise the following:

Should you suffer from glaucoma, do not use Arthro-5. When starting the assumption of Arthro-5, have your eye pressure measured several times. Should you be already using Arthro-5, we advise you to cease the assumption of Arthro-5 and to check whether your eye pressure goes down.

Should you be looking for an alternative to Arthro-5, try then ASU Forte or Chondroitin. Combine these two supplements for an even better result.

Hypersensitivity of the stomach and digestive system

Minor side effects that some people experience are generally related to hypersensitivity of the stomach and digestive system. In these cases nausea and excessive gastric acid are usually involved. Less frequently, constipation or even diarrhoea can occur. Generally nausea and excessive gastric acid can be prevented by taking the supplement with one or two glasses of water or by eating something at the same time.

Restricted potassium diet

The ingredient glucosamine is stabilised with potassium chloride. The dose for one day (6 capsules) contains 268 mg of potassium. This is a little more than the quantity of potassium in half of a banana or 4 slices of whole grain bread. In the case of individuals with seriously impaired kidney function a higher intake of potassium can, however, have adverse effects. Individuals taking drugs to reduce potassium levels should restrict their potassium intake.


Do not use Arthro-5 if you are pregnant, planning to become pregnant or breastfeeding. The supplement has an extremely favourable safety profile, but no studies have been conducted that exclude possible adverse effects on the (unborn) child.

Use by younger people

The use of Arthro-5 by children and young adults is not advised. A fundamental point is that supplements should not be started before the body is fully grown. Fully grown is taken to mean both skeletal development and hormonal development. The reason that recommends this is that no studies have been conducted regarding the safety of this supplement for children and young adults.

---- has been licensed to use the patented combination of chondroitin and ASU (EP2101799).

Quality tested annually by independent laboratory.
View the laboratory analysis (.pdf)

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