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Micellar Casein 2000g

Micellar Casein 2000g

  • Ideal muscle-repairing protein
  • Lowest price for micellar casein in the Benelux
  • Highly suitable for younger athletes
Quality tested annually by independent laboratory.
View the laboratory analysis (.pdf)
For a protein diet at least as suitable as whey isolate


2000 grams of micellar casein powder (92% micellar casein and 8% whey protein).


Dosage per scoop of 50 ml (included): About 20 grams of Micellar Casein.

Suggestions for use: mix 1 scoop of Micellar Casein with 200 ml water, milk or fruit juice or your own favorite recipe.

Recommended dosage:

  • Before going to sleep: 1-2 scoops.
  • After exercise: 1-2 scoops.
  • As required during the day: one scoop between meals.
  • With a protein diet: 1.5 to 2 scoops and a serving of vegetables as a substitute for a regular carbohydrate meal.
  • Use no more than 5 scoops of Micellar Casein per day (about 100 grams).


- Milk protein isolate
- Flavoring (except for natural flavor)
- Sweetener sucralose (except for natural flavor and flavors sweetened with stevia)

Additional ingredients per flavor: low fat cocoa powder (chocolate flavor), beetroot red colorant (strawberry flavor, forest fruit flavor).

Ingredients Micellar Casein Stevia:

- Milk protein isolate
- Flavoring
- Sweetener steviol glycosides E960 (stevia)

Average nutritional value per 100 gram:

- Energy 1581kJ/372 kcal
- Protein 85.5 g (88.0 g natural flavor) - based on dry weight; see information at bottom of page
- Carbohydrate 4.0 g, of which sugars (lactose) 4.0 g
- Fat 1.4 g
- Calcium 2600 mg
- Fosfor 1500 mg

Depending on the flavor, the composition may slightly differ (see table at bottom of page).


Cow milk protein, lactose.

This product is also in:
- Protein Stack XXL

Protein release for 7 hours 

Micellar Casein is a unique and slowly digesting protein, which creates a release of nutrients to the muscles over a period of about 7 hours. This makes it the perfect protein shake to use before you go to sleep, or to use on resting days. However, this protein is also suitable to use after exercise and between meals. And it is ideal for a protein diet.

Micellar Casein from Power Supplements, with an average protein content of 85%, is one of the cheapest micellar caseins in Europe. The price is even so low that the price per gram of protein is comparable to the price of cottage cheese, which is also a source of micellar casein. However, the disadvantage of cottage cheese is that you need a lot of it, and that it contains a lot of lactose (milk sugar) and on top of that doesn't always taste very good. Micellar Casein comes in seven delicious flavors, and there's a natural variety. In many ways it's an excellent alternative to cottage cheese.

The advantages of Micellar Casein from Power Supplements at a glance:

  • Supports muscle building in combination with intense weight training.
  • Inhibits muscle deterioration when exercising, when on a reduced calorie diet or after a missed meal.
  • Due to the slow release of nutrients it is the the ideal protein to take prior to sleep.
  • Could reduce fat storage with weight gain.
  • Reduces the feeling of hunger more than other protein powders.
  • Releases less insulin compared to the more popular 'whey protein', which makes it better suited for maximizing fat burning.
  • Contains high levels of biologically available calcium, which can contribute to a decrease in body fat while preserving muscle tissue.


This Micellar Casein is a high quality protein isolate from milk, which has been obtained by means of a non-denaturing process. The natural form of the milk proteins is thereby maintained.

Production takes place in Western Europe.

The protein in this supplement consists of 92% micellar casein and 8% whey protein.

Micellar casein has several special features:

  • Prolonged release of amino acids
  • Rich in essential amino acids (EAA)
  • Rich in branched chain amino acids (BCAA)
  • Rich in calcium
  • Proteins and minerals are optimally available from the micellar form


Average amino acid profile (percentage of protein):

- Alanine 2.9%
- Arginine 3.4%
- Aspartic acid 6.7%
- Cystine 0.5%
- Glutamic acid 21.2%
- Glycine 1.7%
- Histidine 2.7%
- Isoleucine 4.7% *
- Leucine 8.7% *
- Lysine 7.4%
- Methionine 3.3%
- Phenylalanine 4.7%
- Proline 10.1%
- Serine 5.3%
- Threonine 4.3%
- Tryptophan 1.2%
- Tyrosine 5.1%
- Valine 6.0% *
* = BCAA (Branched Chain Amino Acids)

Additional information about the protein content

Raw material produces traditionally indicate the protein content in protein powders based on dry weight. Providers of protein supplements then use this information for their product specifications. 

Protein powders, however, are not completely dry. For example, a filtered micellar casein usually contains about 4-5% moisture. In reality, the content of protein in Micellar Casein is therefore about 4-5% lower than the 85.5 to 88.0% protein which is determined based on dry weight. 

For Micellar Casein (natural) the protein content based on dry weight is 88%. After adjustment of 4-5% for moisture content, we detect at a protein content of 83-84%.

For all flavors of Micellar Casein, except for natural, about 3% aroma and sweetener has been added. The protein percentage in dry form is about 85.5%. After correction for moisture content the corrected protein content percentage equals about 82.5%. There is some variation here because different flavors contain different amounts of aroma (see table below).

Nutritional value

Per 100 g Per 20 g
Energy 1581 kJ / 372 kcal 316.2 kJ / 74.4 kcal
Protein 85.5 g 17.1 g
Carbohydrates 5.4 g 1.1 g
- of which sugars 0.0 g 0.0 g
- of which lactose 5.4 g 1.1 g
Fat 1.5 g 0.3 g
- of which Saturated 0.0 g 0.0 g
Fiber 0.0 g 0.0 g
Salt 0.0 g 0.0 g

* Depending on flavour, composition may vary slighlty

Specification per flavor (amount of ingredients):

Flavour Milk protein isolate Flavouring Natural coloring Sweetener Other
Banana 98.60% 1.30% - 0,11% sucralose -
Banana - Stevia 98.20% 1.30% - 0,50% Stevia -
Chocolate 93.90% - - 0,11% sucralose 6,0% cocoa powder
Natural 100.00% - - - -
Vanilla 98.00% 1.90% - 0,11% sucralose -
Vanilla - Stevia 97.60% 1.90% - 0,50% Stevia -
Wild Strawberry 96.67% 3.00% 0,22% beet red 0,11% sucralose -

Quality tested annually by independent laboratory.
View the laboratory analysis (.pdf)

Highly recommended!

Ivo Baiao, August 31, 2023
This is a great casein protein product, and at a very good price. First, it's micellar casein only, no sodium or calcium caseinates crap, and 85% of protein is one of the best marks I've seen for casein. Second, amino acid profile is similar to natural form, clearly there's no artificial spikes of cheap amino acids. Third, it's manufactured AND sourced in the EU/UK. This is very important, cheap markets with low regulations and lack of scrutiny cannot be trusted, most labels lie. Last, the flavor is pretty decent. But tbh I'm easy-going with most flavors. Don't underestimate casein. Whey might be the king at spiking MPS but casein keeps it going for longer. Use both. Highly recommended!

The product is fantastic

Alvaro Gallegos, August 21, 2020
The product is fantastic when it comes to the quality of casein protein. The flavor is good, although I found it slightly too sweet (vanilla), and at times it can clump up even when using a mixer. Perhaps the new stevia version will be less sweet in flavor. I strongly recommend the product.

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