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Highly recommended!

August 31, 2023 23:06
Ivo Baiao
This is a great casein protein product, and at a very good price.
First, it's micellar casein only, no sodium or calcium caseinates crap, and 85% of protein is one of the best marks I've seen for casein.
Second, amino acid profile is similar to natural form, clearly there's no artificial spikes of cheap amino acids.
Third, it's manufactured AND sourced in the EU/UK. This is very important, cheap markets with low regulations and lack of scrutiny cannot be trusted, most labels lie.
Last, the flavor is pretty decent. But tbh I'm easy-going with most flavors.
Don't underestimate casein. Whey might be the king at spiking MPS but casein keeps it going for longer. Use both.
Highly recommended!
Micellar Casein 2000g

Micellar Casein 2000g

85% protein
Perfect protein diet
About 7 hour release period
Muscle recovery protein
Western European quality product
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