Original HMB 200g

Original HMB 200g

  • The real HMB by Metabolic Technologies
  • Extremely pure raw materials, free of pollutants
  • For muscle building and fat breakdown
Quality tested annually by independent laboratory.
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Better recovery from intense exercise


200 grams of HMB powder (calcium-beta-hydroxy-beta-methyl butyrate), including 26 grams of calcium.


A scoop provides approximately 1.3 grams of HMB. Three scoops provide 4 grams of HMB, including 520 mg of calcium (65% of the recommended daily allowance). 

Recommended use:

- On resting days: 3 scoops a day
- On training days: 3 to 4 scoops total, of which 2 scoops two hours before training.

For extra guidelines on how to use HMB see main text.

Do not exceed recommended dosage. HMB has a bitter taste.


- Pure HMB powder (calcium-beta-hydroxy-beta-methylbutyrate).

Not all HMB supplements are created equal

Below follows a representation of the effect of HMB, like how it has been demonstrated in scientific studies. Real HMB was used in these studies. Unfortunately not all HMB supplements contain actual HMB! And if they contain HMB, the material is not always pure. More information about that later. Power Supplements has been given a license from MTI to use the original HMB powder!

What is HMB and what does it do?

HMB, or beta-hydroxy-beta-methyl butyrate is a natural metabolic product of the human being. The body generates HMB from the amino acid L-Leucine. Supplementation with additional HMB by means of a nutritional supplement provides a positive impact on the physique. In conjunction with exercise HMB ensures an enhanced build-up of muscle mass and a stronger reduction of fat reserves.

HMB is one of the best studied supplements for the modeling of the human body. At least 10 well-controlled scientific studies have been conducted regarding the effects of HMB on weight training. Various methods of administration have been tested and compared with a placebo (formulation without an active ingredient). It has now been established with certainty that HMB works if the guidelines are followed.

As with all supplements, the effect of HMB varies from person to person. But also the average results from test groups in various scientific studies vary; the effect of HMB is moderate in some studies while others show a great impact. The differences have probably to do with the set-up of the study. If you want to achieve the best results of the benefits of HMB, please follow the following guidelines.

Guidelines for maximum muscle build-up with HMB:

  • Use at least 38 mg of HMB per kilogram of body weight. With a body weight of 80 kg, for example, you need 3 grams of HMB. That's about 2.5 scoops (one scoop contains approximately 1.3 grams)
  • Intensive training. Ensure an increase in the intensity and/or volume of your training in relation to what you are used to.
  • Make sure you also rest up for one or two weeks after multiple weeks of intense training. For example, go temporarily from bodybuilding training to a more power-oriented routine. In the meantime continue to use HMB.
  • Start using the recommended dosage of HMB two weeks before you increase the intensity of your training. This supplement works better after a charge period. 
  • HMB also has an immediate effect after ingestion. To optimally benefit from this you need to take a double scoop of HMB about two hours before exercising. 
  • Eat protein rich foods. Assume a minimum of 2 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight. 
  • Review your achieved results with HMB on a longer term. Three months is a good time to evaluate this supplement. HMB does not work by rapidly 'swelling' the muscles, like you see with creatine. The muscle growth that you get with HMB is due to an increase of contractile proteins. That process doesn't go very quickly. Creatine combines well with HMB. 
  • In some studies the HMB group sees an impressive rate of muscle growth compared to the placebo group. Keep in mind that such a large amount of muscle growth always needs extra calories.

If you have a low body fat percentage it is necessary to eat more to gain weight. Eat about 500 kcal or even 1000 kcal more than you normally would. In particularly eat slow absorbing carbohydrates and protein rich foods.

If your body fat percentage is higher than about 15%* (you don't see a good muscle definition on the abdomen and the back), then eat at least a bit more than usual to compensate for the increased training volume. Minimize the intake of sugars. If you eat fruit, do so only in the morning and in moderation.

If your body fat percentage is above 20%*, please lose weight first. This can be done by following the guidelines described below.

* For women, add 5% to the indicated fat percentage.

Guidelines for use of HMB when 'dry training' or 'cutting':

  • Use at least 38 mg of HMB per kilogram of body weight.
  • Eat protein rich foods. Assume a minimum of 2 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight. 
  • Do not create a strong calorie deficit, but rather eat as much as you normally would and exercise more.
  • Make sure you eat 'clean foods', free from fast absorbing carbohydrates, and refined foods. 
  • Fat loss is better stimulated in most people through weight training of the major muscle groups than through cardio training (a possible exception are women and perhaps men with very high fat content [Source: Pubmed]). 
    You can 'exploit' this benefit of weight training even further by using HMB because it has a strong muscle protecting effect. This way you can increase the intensity of your training. Especially weight training with a high work-out volume and with short breaks in between sets has its advantages if you want to train 'dry'. A rest interval of 30 seconds is fine.
    You may also use alternate 'supersets' in which you train two opposing muscle groups alternatively. After two of these supersets you could take a 30 second break if needed. The more you heavily you have to breath during exercise, the more effective the training is. By doing more work at the same time, you're 'exercising more'. So, more exercise does not mean that it needs more time!
    But if you do have time for it, it's of course a good idea to do standard cardio training or interval training in addition to training with weights. Preferably do a cardio or interval work-out on a different time of the day. It's better to train frequently and regularly than a long exercising session a few times a week. 
  • Start two weeks before you increase the intensity of your training with the use of the recommended dosage of HMB. This supplement works better after a charge period. 
  • HMB also has a direct effect after ingestion. To optimally benefit from this you take a double scoop of HMB before you exercise. 
  • Additional tip: Our healthy fat burner Natural Fat Control protects muscle tissue and helps the slimming process. HMB and Natural Fat Control can be used well together. 

HMB in combination with very intensive muscle sports

The stronger the training stimulus, the better HMB seems to be coming into its own. With HMB you achieve better results with intense 'killer workouts' such as the 'German Volume Training' for example. Over-training with HMB will not happen that quickly. It is of course still important to eat plenty of whole foods, and have absolutely no calorie deficit.

In the last major study regarding HMB, 'overreaching' has been deliberately used. One speaks of overreaching when you train so much for days or weeks that a temporarily decrease in performance can be seen. It is a type of planned brief overtraining. If subsequently the training intensity decreases (tapering), then under the right conditions (lots of sleep, lots of good food, less stress) a strong adjustment will occur in the body (super compensation). The method of overreaching and tapering seems to pay off more when HMB is being used.

HMB gets the green light from the International Society of Sports Nutrition (ISSN). The great results of HMB in scientific research brought the 'International Society of Sports Nutrition' to a different standpoint in 2013, which made them officially change their view regarding HMB. This stand was published in the 'Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition': International Society of Sports Nutrition Position Stand: beta-hydroxy-beta-methylbutyrate (HMB). Wilson et al. (Link).

Here follows a rough translation of their standpoint now:

The 'International Society for Sports Nutrition' (ISSN) bases the following point of view on critical analysis about the use of hydroxymethylbutyrate (HMB) as a nutritional supplement. ISSN concluded the following:

1. HMB can promote physical recovery by reducing muscle damage that occurred during exercise. HMB works for both beginners as well as already trained athletes

2. If an athlete uses HMB, it is beneficial to use the supplement around the time of training. 

3. HMB seems to be most effective if the supplement is used as early as two weeks before the start of the training. 

4. A dosage of 38 milligrams HMB per kilogram of body weight has been shown to be effective for muscle growth (hypertrophy), muscle strength and power. This is concluded for untrained and trained subjects with an adequate training stimulus. 

5. Two forms of HMB have been used in scientific studies: Calcium HMB (HMB-Ca) and HMB-acid in its free form (HMB-FA)HMB-FA has possibly an increased absorption and retention of HMB compared to HMB-Ca. The study regarding HMB-FA is still in the early phase however, and there's insufficient research to conclude that one form is better than the other.

[Note from Power Supplements: based on data with the twice as fast absorbing HMB-FA we recommend a double dose of HMB-Ca well before training. The maximum blood plasma value of HMB is then just as high as with HMB-FA. The acute effect of HMB on the training should be at least the same that way. However, HMB-FA is not available yet, and will probably be a lot more expensive than HMB-Ca when it becomes available.

6. [Not included due to a patent issue by a third party].

7. Intake of HMB with a structured training program could result in a further decrease of body fat.

8. The working mechanism of HMB includes a limitation of protein degradation and an increase of protein synthesis.

9. The use of HMB in the long-term is safe for both younger and older people.

The original pure HMB
The position of the ISSN has once again emphasized why HMB deserves a spot in our assortment. The next step that we have made is the selection of the best quality raw materials.

We have contacted the company that has developed HMB, and was involved in many scientific studies. This company is 'Metabolic Technologies Inc.' (MTI) from the United States. MTI delivers the highest quality HMB you could wish for. It is free from contaminants and unwanted 'by-products'.

Tests with HPLC chromatography have made it clear that some HMB-supplements contain various contaminants or even no HMB at all! Some HPLC- measurements are shown below.


We are pleased to inform you that Power Supplements has been given a license from MTI to use the superior original HMB powder! If you give yourself an intensive training than it's good to know that the supplement you're using contains actual HMB!


Do not use when pregnant or breastfeeding. If you suffer from health issues, talk to your doctor about the use of HMB.

Quality tested annually by independent laboratory.
View the laboratory analysis (.pdf)

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